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Welcome to Sinkro Inks, a member of the Pergola Intl’ Holdings Group. Sinkro is a technologically diversified group with operations in three continents, North America, Europe and Asia. Here at Sinkro, we focus on optical effects, inks and coatings. Sinkro manufactures and sells liquid inks for flexographic and gravure packaging applications. Our objective is to create a suitably structured dynamic supply partner for large internationally based packaging partners.

As an entirely new ink company, we have an innovative approach that is driven through experience, knowledge and science. Our ideas for today’s applications and technology for tomorrow are constantly evolving.

At Sinkro, our main focuses are:

  • Fluid inks for flexible packaging, including lamination and surface inks for flexo and gravure application, solvent ink, water based ink, and specialty ink
  • The latest in production methods and equipment
  • The environment; we are proud to practice environmentally responsible methods
  • A truly interactive global organization which is apparent in our products, standards, and pricing