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Mission Statement

Here at Sinkro Inks we strive to bring you the latest in innovation, technology, logistics, raw material selection and production methods at a competitive price. We take advantage of our dynamic regional capability to bring products to you with the most commercially efficient and pragmatic routing. We focus all of our resources towards a global product to a chosen market place. Our dynamic is to produce the commercially optimised products and technology as the basis of supply. We use the same international partners in our supply and delivery chain and we optimise our operation around domestic costs and currency exchange rates. Globalization is not a stable or consistent model as yet, our strength is our flexibility.

Our Strategic Focus includes:

  • Cutting edge research, product development and improvement
  • Continuing development in both mainstream and specialty application
  • Creating new technologies for packaging applications
  • Understanding and evaluating global raw materials at the source
  • Entirely new, highly efficient manufacturing facilities
  • Increased product value
  • Ensured product quality