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Sinkro Asia

SinkroChina was established in November 1998 in Qingdao, China as a solely foreign-funded company.

It was one of the first foreign companies who manufactured solvent-based ink for tobacco packaging industry.

Established under the Kromacorp label, the company changed its name to SinkroChina in 2006, as the launching pad of the Sinkro International Investment.

At this time more fund were invested in improving production and laboratory facilities.

In Feb 2009, Sinkrochina relocated its plant from Sifang to Chengyang district Qingdao to occupy a larger space for the increase sales in domestic and overseas market.

Shortly after the relocation, a  new manufacturing equipment was installed in keeping with the investment in America and UK.

SinkroChina embraces the vision of maintaining a good EARTH by offering environmentally friendly products only.

SinkroChina continues to produce world class product for the Asian market by the advantage of  local Chinese RM resources, the wisdom of Chinese staff and modern western ink formulation.